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Sunday Mornings @ Gatetree

As you may be aware, effective June 15th, changes were made to the California COVID guidelines that have been in place the past year.  As a result, some changes have been made with our Sunday morning gathering.

1) VACCINATED people have the choice to wear or not wear a face coving. They also have the choice of whether to continue with social distancing. We trust that your choice will be according to your own personal informed health decisions and comfort level.

2) The California and CDC guidance requires that UNVACCINATED people continue with wearing face coverings. We will NOT be monitoring who has or who has not been vaccinated. Again, we trust that you are making the most wise and informed health decision for your situation.

3) People with breathing or other health concerns do not need to wear a face covering.

4) SOCIAL DISTANCING guidance has been canceled. However, we will continue to have chairs distanced inthe sanctuary for the time being. Also, as you  know, each Sunday we have been singing outside on the patio/lawn. We will continue singing outdoors simply to enjoy our nice weather and the beautiful lawn/patio area. 

Clearly, people have different views and comfort levels with the lifting of COVID guidelines. Please be sensitive to those around you and their comfort with sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with someone outside their own household. Please check to see if they are comfortable with you sitting close to them.

As a reminder, if you or anyone in your home are ill or not feeling well with COVID or flue-like symptoms, please stay home for that Sunday.

Looking forward to seeing you at our worship gathering on Sunday. 


Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Public Health Links 

**As you seek to stay informed about the current public health situation, you may want to regularly check these trusted sources. 

Contra Costa County (CA): Click HERE

Alameda County (CA): Click HERE

Coronavirus.gov: Click HERE

Centers for Disease Control: Click HERE

California Public Health: Click HERE



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